Combustion Advertising

Combustion Advertising is an ad agency based on the North Coast of NSW. As one of the top ad agencies in the area, I am fortunate to have been given the opportunity to do some professional placement there. My task at the time was to create a new website design for the agency that integrated with their new branding.

After an initial period of experimentation, it was decided that I would be updating the site using the original layout as a template. This involved transferring the design from an older (and problematic) frame based layout to a safer and more stable alternative. I then applied the new branding colour scheme and visuals with some jQuery interactivity to give the site a more modern user experience. I also integrated some safer media-accessibility functions and queries to aid in communicating a consistent design across all devices.

My design has recently been replaced, but I wanted to include it here because for me this was another pivotal moment in time where my knowledge and professional experience as a web designer grew immensely. I came out of this experience greatly inspired and with a new outlook on design that still serves me to this day.