The Chubby Fashionista

Client: Fashion Blog

Date: June 2014

Mel Carrero is a stylist and photographer based on the North Coast of NSW and ‘The Chubby Fashionista’ was the name of her increasingly popular fashion blog at the time. Mel originally hired me to do some design work in late 2011 and I have created and worked on several different incarnations of her blog since. At this time she wanted to migrate to a different content management system with a new design that was in a similar vein to some of her fashion-blogging contemporaries.

I strived to create a blog layout that presented new and archived content quickly and effectively, while still adhering to the trends seen in most modernized ‘single-page’ type blog layouts. Visually I kept it minimal, matching the colour scheme of the logo and opting to leave lots of space. I also enhanced some of the sites pre-existing social media integration to maximize user interactivity.

This last version of the blog integrated a clean and intuitive interface with a modern sensibility and functionality, all built upon a rock-solid WordPress backend.